The Great Quarantine Art Adventure

Today’s essential question: How can I continue to make art at home and connect with fellow artists?


OUR ADVENTURE: Each day, we will provide a simple word to use as inspiration for you to create a piece of art during your quarantine. Your creation can be: a sketch, sculpture, photograph – the possibilities are endless. Use any material you have available like traditional art materials, Legos, the contents of your recycling bin, all that unused toilet paper you’ve been stockpiling… you get the idea. Work alone or with anyone from whom you have not been forced to socially distance yourself. Share your adventure with everyone you know, and encourage them to join in the fun.

OUR GUIDELINES: Open-ended and engaging prompts that are simple and accessible to all. Prompts can be interpreted in any way by anyone. When you post to social media, use the hashtag #TGQAA and tag us! We will be reposting as many creations as we have the ability to post throughout each day.

OUR MISSION: Creating connections and inspiration through daily art challenges.

OUR TEAM: Art educators interested in starting and stoking a visual conversation.

Click here for daily prompts, and make sure you post to your class blogs as well as use the hashtag #TGQAA on social media.