Blog Post Guidelines

Everything you post to your Media class blog should follow these guidelines:

  • Each posted image must have, at minimum, a one-sentence description clarifying its purpose.
  • When uploading inspiration images for a project proposal, credit and link to the original source.
  • Follow Standard English spelling and grammar.
  • Content should pass the 3P rule: anything posted should not offend your parent, principal, or pastor.
  • Remember that your blog is part of your professional image and that the Internet never forgets. At best, create something you would be proud to include on a college application. At worst, create something that won’t embarrass you when your newly matched college roommate Googles your name. (This includes commenting on each other’s posts. Your blog is a great vehicle to receive in-process feedback on your work, but keep in mind that a statement such as “I agree with your proposed concept and am excited to see how you pull it together” will impress people more than “fo shizzle.”)
  • Meet the deadlines, as Word Press will date stamp your posts. If you can’t meet the deadlines, remember that reduced credit is still better than no credit.
  • Click here to view a sample properly formatted blog post.

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