Sample Blog Post

The sample blog post below would receive an A:

This is my final Then & Now Self Portrait. It is inspired by the Charles Dickens novel, Great Expectations. One of the characters in the novel, Miss Havisham, was dumped by her fiance on her wedding day. A decade later, her mansion has become a beautiful wreck. It is still decorated for the wedding, but everything is now covered in dust and cobwebs. I have always been fascinated by the idea of decaying beauty and explored this concept further with my artwork. I was also fascinated by the similarities between my kindergarten graduation outfit and my wedding ensemble. I decided to juxtapose the two images to symbolically connect my past, present and future. Here is the final piece:



Since it is a digital collage of many individual images, I am also including an example of what each piece of the collage looked like originally.

I started with my kindergarten graduation photo:


A photo taken as I was getting ready on my wedding day:


A photo of a baroque-style vanity I wish was mine: (The image was taken from this website, where the vanity is actually for sale!)


And a photograph of a creepy old room:


After combining these images into one Photoshop file, I adjusted the hue/saturation of each layer until the lighting resembled one unified scene. I then applied the oil paint filter to each layer to make my artwork look like a painting.

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