Senior Project Proposal Form

Media Senior Project Proposal
To submit a project proposal, copy and paste these questions into a new blog post, and answer each question. Then email Ms. Lawson a link to your completed project proposal. Once she has reviewed your proposal, she will leave a comment suggesting modifications or approving the project.

Project Name:

Project Length: This is determined by the length of the project you are opting out of. You must complete your project by the time the rest of the class finishes their assigned projects.

What materials or software will you use to create this project?

What skills will you learn or refine by creating this project?

What art concepts will you incorporate into this project?

What artists or art movements will you explore for inspiration? It is ok to be general in the proposal, stating something like, “Black and white photographers who shoot landscapes.” As you work on your project and discover artists and art movements that relate to your piece (in this case, Ansel Adams would fit the description), make sure to acknowledge them in your blog.

Write a paragraph briefly describing your proposed concept:

If you can find a few images to help illustrate your idea, include them in this space:

Project Timeline: Include a description of what will be completed and posted to your blog by the end of each class.

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