2015 – 2016 Projects

Macro Photography

Media: Digital Photography, Adobe Photoshop

Concepts/Skills: Macro (Close Up Photography); Composition (focal point, rule of thirds); color theory; camera angles

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Black & White Portrait Photography

Media: Digital Photography, Adobe Photoshop

Concepts/Skills: Photojournalism; Portrait Photography; Black &White Photography

Artist/Art History Connection: Vivian Maier

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Media: Graphic Design, Adobe Illustrator

Concepts/Skills: Vector Illustration; Principles of Design/Visual Hierarchy; Typography

Artist/Art History Connection: Graphic Design as a Career

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Street Art with a Message

Media: Acrylic Paint or Prismacolor Colored Pencil on Tar Paper

Concepts/Skills: Conceptual Art

Artist/Art History Connection: Jean-Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring

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Vector Self-Portraits

Media: Vector Illustration, Adobe Illustrator

Concepts/Skills: Abstraction; Pen Tool Illustration; Creating Realistic Values Digitally; Color Theory

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Mimicking a Master Photographer

David Bailey – famous for his high contrast black and white celebrity portraits

William Eggleston – one of the pioneers of color photography; once said that since there was nothing beautiful to photograph in the Deep South, he would take beautiful photos of ugly, every day things

Steve McCurry – famous for rich color photos of exotic locations

Media: Digital Photography, Adobe Photoshop

Concepts/Skills: advanced digital photography; students analyzed a photographer’s style (subject matter, shot type, camera angles, use or lack of color, etc) in order to create 10 photos in the style of their chosen photographer

Artist/Art History Connection: students were provided with a list of 50 famous photographers and picked one whose style their were interested in emulating

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PSA or Advertising Photography

Media: Digital Photography; Adobe Photoshop

Concepts/Skills: Graphic Design; Digital Photography; Creating a Unified Series; Integrating Text and Image

Artist or Art History Connection: Art Direction, Advertising Photography, and Graphic Design as a career

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