2017 – 2018 Planned Projects

Storytelling with Black & White Portraiture

Media: Digital Photography, Adobe Photoshop

Concepts/Skills: Photojournalism; Portrait Photography; Black &White Photography

Artist/Art History Connection: Dorthea Lange, Lewis Hine, Carrie Mae Weems

30-second commercial

Media: Digital Video, Adobe Premiere

Concepts/Skills: Film Production (shooting & editing video)

Artist/Art History Connection: contemporary commercials

Nonrepresentational Vector Pattern (to go on phone case)

Media: Adobe Illustrator

Concepts/Skills: Pattern, Vector Art, Commercial Design

Artist/Art History Connection: Joshua Davis

Conceptual Silhouette

Media: Adobe Illustrator

Concepts/Skills: Vector Illustration

Artist/Art History Connection: Kara Walker

Vector Self-Portraits

Media: Vector Illustration, Adobe Illustrator

Concepts/Skills: Abstraction; Pen Tool Illustration; Creating Realistic Values Digitally; Color Theory



Media: Graphic Design, Adobe Illustrator

Concepts/Skills: Vector Illustration; Principles of Design/Visual Hierarchy; Typography

Artist/Art History Connection: Graphic Design as a Career

Typographic Portraits

Media: Black Ink Pens

Concepts/Skills Learned: Typographic Illustration, Shading with Black Ink

Artist or Art History Connection: M.C. Escher


PSA or Advertising Photography

Media: Digital Photography; Adobe Photoshop

Concepts/Skills: Graphic Design; Digital Photography; Creating a Unified Series; Integrating Text and Image

Artist or Art History Connection: Art Direction, Advertising Photography, and Graphic Design as a career