2018 – 2019 Planned Projects

60-second Movie Trailer


Media: Digital Video, Adobe Premiere

Concepts/Skills: Film Production (shooting & editing video)

Artist/Art History Connection: Wes Anderson

Sample Student Projects:

Conceptual Silhouette

Media: Adobe Illustrator

Concepts/Skills: Vector Illustration

Artist/Art History Connection: Kara Walker


Media: Graphic Design, Adobe Illustrator

Concepts/Skills: Vector Illustration; Principles of Design/Visual Hierarchy; Typography

Artist/Art History Connection: Graphic Design as a Career

Typographic Animation

Media: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Flash

Concepts/Skills: Typography, Principles of Animation

Artist/Art History Connection: Walt Disney, Animation/Motion Graphics as a Career

Rotoscoped Illustration

Media: Procreate on iPad

Concepts/Skills: Digital Painting

Artist/Art History Connection: Rotoscoping, Animation

Vector Self-Portraits

Media: Vector Illustration, Adobe Illustrator

Concepts/Skills: Abstraction; Pen Tool Illustration; Creating Realistic Values Digitally; Color Theory